Welcome to HNRC International

Welcome to the HNRC International Core

Significant research questions and methodological issues exist pertaining to neuroAIDS in developing countries. The pertinent scientific questions include how human genetic factors, HIV clade differences, and socioeconomic, cultural, and environment differences (e.g., nutritional deficiencies and exposure to co-infecting pathogens) affect the epidemiology, phenomenology, pathogenesis, and treatment of neuroAIDS. Methodological issues include development of valid assessments of neurocognitive function in non-English language and non-Western cultures, and in illiterate or semiliterate persons.

The HNRC International Core was established with public funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) (NIMH/CSPAR P30MH62512) to identify opportunities for international research and to facilitate partnering between HNRC investigators and scientist-clinicians in resource-limited settings to build capacity to undertake neuroAIDS research that is responsive to the needs and circumstances of those settings. The International Core will assist in coordinating scientific consultation, mentoring, and technical assistance designed to develop collaborative, investigator-initiated, fundable international research programs on neuroAIDS.


Sponsored by NIMH/CSPAR P30MH62512

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